San Antonio Fathers' Rights Lawyers

Some divorced and unwed fathers feel disempowered and frustrated when it comes to important legal issues involving their children. Child support, child custody and parenting time are the most common areas of concern.

San Antonio Fathers' Rights Attorneys

If you need skilled legal representation regarding your rights as a father, the lawyers of Shelton & Valadez can help you. As part of our family law practice, we advise and represent men who are facing problems regarding:

  • Property division and business assets, which may or may not be subject to division in a divorce.
  • Child support orders that do not reflect their current income, particularly if they have suffered an income loss. In some cases we can petition a court to modify these orders.
  • Inadequate or nonexistent visitation with their children, and other custody and visitation matters.
  • Mothers who are not cooperating with regard to schedules, finances or other matters. In all cases we can negotiate with the other party; in some cases we can seek enforcement of court orders.
  • Relocation related to a job change, a relationship or a family concern — on their part or on the part of the mother of their child or children.
  • Issues that relate to their military service, such as benefits, relocation and deployment.

Every father's situation is different. We can provide the guidance you need to make informed decisions about your situation.

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