Alternative Dispute Resolution

San Antonio Arbitration & Litigation Lawyers

 While some disputes may be resolved through negotiations or mediation, other times claims need to be litigated.  From the court room to arbitration forums, businesses need solid legal counsel navigating litigation matters that may arise from time to time.  Some matters call for the advice of a lawyer with relevant experience in the litigation sector. Whether your matter has to do with a work injury, customer claim, employee claim, or general liability claims, having the assistance of an experienced litigation attorney is critical to protecting your business.  At Shelton & Valadez, our office has extensive experience assisting clients in navigating litigated matters in the court room or in arbitration forums.

 Distinguished Mediator and Neutral

Wade B. Shelton is a member of the Texas Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.   Mr. Shelton is a Mediator, Arbitrator, and litigator. In recent years, Mr. Shelton has transitioned a majority of his practice to ADR work, resolving a high percentage of the cases that come before him in his capacity as a mediator.  Mr. Shelton assists attorneys and their respective clients in resolving disputes providing a strong foundation of legal knowledge, objectivity, and benevolence.