San Antonio Attorneys For Breach Of Contract

Contract disputes can take many forms. They can arise out of misunderstanding, ill intent and everything in between. A skilled attorney may be needed to help you resolve a contract dispute that could cause your business to suffer loss.

If your business needs to pursue or defend breach of contract litigation, Shelton & Valadez can protect your interests through practical advice, negotiation and, when necessary, aggressive representation in court. We have extensive experience litigating commercial matters in Texas.

Contract Dispute Litigation Lawyers Serving Bexar County And All Of Texas

The attorneys of Shelton & Valadez represent clients in cases involving and alleging breach of contract. Through litigation, mediation or arbitration, we can help you pursue or defend a breach of contract case involving:

  • The trucking and transportation, retail, oil and gas, and other industries
  • Real estate transactions involving the purchase, sale or lease of property
  • The rights of landowners
  • Shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Family business concerns
  • Employment contracts, including noncompete agreements

Every contract problem is different. Our attorneys are here to help you protect your interests in whatever challenge you face.

Mediation As A Solution

Mediation provides a facilitated negotiation environment that is collaborative, efficacious, cost-effective and more confidential than litigation. It is ideal for businesses and individuals who like to fashion their own remedies to problems and maintain as much autonomy as possible.

Breach of contract lawyer Wade Shelton is a professional mediator and a charter member of the Texas Academy of Distinguished Neutrals. He also provides arbitration services, effectively serving as a private judge who can render decisions on critical matters outside of court.

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